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Streamline your customer journey

Intuition provides all the tools needed for a seamless customer experience from lead generation to service delivery and ongoing maintenance.  

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Empower customers with the tools they need without picking up the phone

We enable customers to take charge of their services.  With Intuition's built in, self-service customer portal, your customers will be able to:

  • Add or change services

  • Reschedule service appointments

  • Request support

  • Manage account details and communication preferences

  • View statements and make payments (including AutoPay)


Stay ahead of network outages

It's important to keep customers apprised of network outages as soon as they happen.  Service representatives can leverage Intuition's bulk notification features via text, web and email to keep all customers in the know and to prevent overloading the phone lines.

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Initiate work orders and dispatch technicians with ease

Track network issues in real time and dispatch technicians with ease using our automated scheduling feature.  Let Intuition handle the complexity of resource optimization and dispatch the best technician for the job in an instant.


Gain actionable insights into your customer interactions

Analyze customer touch points, service order delivery and ticket resolution. With detailed reports, you can also track customer engagement, identify high-value clients, and understand buying patterns to optimize your sales strategies. Analyze churn rates, identify customer retention opportunities, and enhance customer experiences based on the provided insights. By understanding your customers' behaviors and preferences, you can tailor marketing efforts, improve customer support, and boost overall satisfaction

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